ICM, headed by founder Peter Cor (B.A. in Communications Arts), provides custom music for all audiovisual applications. (Film, TV, Advertising, Radio). We can also provide complete production packages for TV advertising/Film applications, including film crew, music, and voice overs.

      Peter Cor has composed for Film and TV projects, Pop Radio, Radio Jingles, and many other sound environments (theater and modern dance productions). His music has been used for the movies, The Sixth Man(Disney), Muppets from Space, and TV shows such as Bernie Mac Show, Pimp My Ride, Howie Mandel, Quantum Leap, and many others. He has also composed for major Pop groups like Earth Wind & Fire, Tuck & Patti, Lee Ritenour and Lenny White, among others.

Working in both the US and Europe for past two decades, Peter Cor brings a "Worldly" vision to his soundtracks. Having played and studied both Classical and Jazz, as well as performed with Reggae and African groups, his music encompasses a wide variety of styles.

Residing in Santa Cruz, Ca for the last 14 years, Peter Cor has worked with many local artists, and has a vast talent pool at his disposal for musicians, singers, and voice over talent.

Jingles Produced

Classic Cleaners

Auto Shopper

Century 21

Girardi Bearing

written by Peter Cor for Earth Wind and Fire.

Into The Light (Trans/World) WorldEast (World)
Gimme 5 (Cool Jazz) Afro (West African Soukous)
2 Tha Cor (Chill) Munster Madness (Cartoonville)
Orchestral Rock Dr A.J. (Hip Hop)
Soundscape #2 Plezure Point (Latin)
Soundscape #4 Antz In Da Pants (Humorous)
Trans/Atmos (Transe) Mystery Orchestra (Drama)
Jungle#1 (Dance/Electronica) The Blast(Modern Rock)
Ambiland (Ambient) Xtreme#1 (Rock Guitar)
Transilvania (Techno) The Vision (Metal/Grunge)
Killah (Funk) Swing Piano (Jazz)

      ICM provides clients with a complete audiovisual package for all advertising/film applications.

Contact: Peter Cor
Tel/Fax: (831) 477-9008